Arizona Curriculum First Semester Order Form

Venture Upward provides curriculum and other resources to students at no cost to you. This works by allotting each student a spending limit that you can use to make your choices for curriculum and other educational resources. This spending limit is called the Venture Reward. For the Arizona school year 2020-2021, the allotments are:

Kindergarten $500

Grades 1-12 $1,000

Some things to understand about the Venture Reward:

  • Half of the Venture Reward allotment is available at the beginning of each semester.
  • Families are permitted to place one order request per semester for each student (see the order windows under Instructions below).
  • Any of your 1st semester allotment that isn’t spent will roll over to your 2nd semester allotment.
  • Orders for resources or curriculum other than the listed curriculum will be reviewed for compliance with the guidelines and limitations noted below. Any questions or changes will be addressed by your Venture Upward teacher or mentor.
  • Variations in the cost of items, shipping and sales tax due to supplier price changes, lack of availability, etc., may change the amount of Venture Reward funds you use or have remaining.
  • Orders that exceed the available funding will not be processed until a Venture Upward mentor reviews it and resolves the excess with you.