Idaho Application


In partnership, The Hagerman School District and Venture Upward are excited to bring you a free and customized home education program! Please read the following information carefully and note that a copy of this letter will also be emailed to you.  

Our mission is to help families cultivate and embrace a culture of lifelong learning and success. By enrolling in our program, students and families work as a team with knowledgeable and experienced educators to create an enriched learning experience for every student.  

All courses are supported by enthusiastic and dedicated teachers/mentors with curriculums that meet or exceed Idaho state standards across all subject areas. Students demonstrate knowledge and skills through daily work assignments, periodic knowledge-based assessments, and state standardized testing.


To finalize the enrollment process, we will be sending you district enrollment forms to complete. We will let families know when to expect these forms at a later date.


Meanwhile, please spend time reviewing the Venture Upward Family Flyer and the Venture Upward website to find detailed information about our curriculum offerings.

Curriculum options offered through Venture Upward include nationally recognized providers in Math, English Language, Science, and Social Studies.  Among the top options available are Acellus Academy, Stride Learning Solutions, Mathletics, Mathseeds, Edgenuity, Studies Weekly, IXL, and CTC Math.  

Following submission of the enrollment documents to the district,

  • A member of the Venture Upward team will contact you to set up a time for Parent Handbook Training which will take place at the beginning of July.  During Handbook training, families will dive deep into the Venture Upward learning plans, student and parent expectations, educational resources, technology, and curriculum options.  
  • Following the Parent Handbook Training, a Mentored Academic Planning (MAP) meeting will be scheduled. MAP Meetings will be held starting July 12th. During this one-hour meeting, the teacher and parent will create a specific action plan for student success. At this time, families should be prepared to finalize curriculum choice(s).  

Thank you again for choosing us as your partner in education.  Sincerely, 

The Venture Upward Team