The mission of the Hawai’i Academy of Arts and Science is to educate, enrich, and inspire the whole student to thrive by understanding the past, navigating the present, and preparing for the future.

—HAAS Mission

Aloha, and welcome to InDigital, a blended program run by the Hawai’i Academy of Arts and Science (HAAS) and supported by Venture Upward! HAAS has crafted a unique and exciting blended learning program for students in grades K-6. HAAS has a long history of diligently serving students on the Big Island, and Venture Upward is honored to be the curriculum provider for this great new K-6 program!

We are all committed to the success and satisfaction of every student! We want families to know they are wanted, valued, and supported while receiving the personal attention they deserve. We believe that success and satisfaction begin with clear expectations and transparent communication, so please navigate the links below to learn more about the InDigital K-6 program! Thank you for allowing up to be a part of your educational journey for the 2022-2023 school year!

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