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Meet the Schnebly Family

Joseph and Zoe Schnebly, a couple with a strong foundation in Mathematics Education, are proud parents of nine children whose ages span from seven to twenty-six. Their family resides in Mesa, Arizona. Presently, two of their children, Samuel and Rebecca, are actively engaged with Venture Upward. Throughout the years, the Schnebly family has embraced a diverse approach to education, encompassing both traditional classroom settings and homeschooling. Zoe, in particular, takes immense pleasure in personally instructing each of her children in reading and writing before they reach the first grade.

Before learning about Venture Upward, the Schenblys were enrolled in their local school’s virtual program. Towards the end, Zoe recalls that she didn’t want just to do the school’s curriculum. There was so much more out there to stimulate her children’s love of learning. She wanted to tailor her kid’s education more and do her own thing. She was also noticing that her children were very social and needed the community aspect of school. Then she heard about Venture Upward from a friend–just when she needed it! 

Now, the Schnebly kids have a whole community of people behind them in their learning. They love the teacher support and mentoring they get. Even though she has a teaching background herself, Zoe loves that she has accountability and teacher guidance in what curricula and styles would work best for her kids. They also have support from a very special member of their family, Sandy, Zoe’s mother, who lives out of state. Sandy does weekly Zoom classes with the kids discussing various subjects. This time with their grandma has not only benefited their learning, but spending quality time together has also been a weekly highlight. 

Venture School has done so much for the Schnebly family as well. It is a fantastic opportunity to meet the social aspect of school, and they look forward to Venture School every week. Zoe loves that the kids get to do such fun things and that the learning they do at Venture School is outside of the box.

“They can ‘Venture’ into places that they would never go in a typical school classroom.” 

The Venture Reward system is very seamless as well compared to other programs they have used. Samuel has been able to get a soldering kit through his Venture Reward to learn how to solder! So far, he has soldered a desk lamp and a radio!

Venture Upward has brought the perfect combination of community and love back into learning for the Schnebly family.

“Being able to pick educational items for my kids through Venture has really furthered their education.”

~Zoe Schnebly