Venture Upward grows with you as your student reaches their goals and their highest academic potential. We partner with public schools to provide a free and customized home-based learning experience for every student. We provide dedicated mentors, exciting field trips, enthusiastic teachers, and amazing on-site programs that foster a love of learning. Venture Upward strives to make student dreams a reality.

How It Works

Venture Upward’s educational philosophy is built on the premise that “every student is unique” and that creating a truly customized educational experience will provide the best opportunity for your child to reach his or her full potential. By combining cutting edge online learning with customized programming and local third party resources, Venture Upward helps you create an educational village that transforms your child’s education into both an enjoyable and academically rewarding experience.

Student Curriculum Order Form

Venture Upward provides curriculum and other resources to students at no cost to you. This works by allotting each student a spending limit that you can use to make your choices for curriculum and other educational resources.

Venture Reward

Every student that enrolls in Venture Upward will receive a Venture Reward! This reward is designed to provide funding for families to purchase a laptop, tablet, or additional learning materials meant to enrich their student’s educational experience.

Apply to Venture Upward

Registration now open! Click below to apply for the 2020-21 school year. A Venture School Team member will be in touch soon. We’ll see you in the fall!