How It Works

We celebrate the uniqueness of every child by supporting families to create and carry out customized education paths for their students.

Students enroll in the K-8 Venture Upward home education program through one of our partner schools. Then, parents are guided by our dedicated staff to gather the resources that will help their students thrive.

Students in our program complete work in required courses provided by Venture Upward.

Students work in curriculum resources for the four core subjects of language arts, math, science, and social studies to meet state standards. There is required weekly pacing in these core subjects.

In addition, students in grades K-3 who are reading below a 4th grade level are required to work in one of our reading enrichment programs each week.

To read more about the specific curriculum and resources offered in your state’s program, click on your state:

Students need hands-on learning and a community to thrive, so we also offer a weekly on-site, drop-off program. At Venture School, students engage in four elective classes customized for their local student community. Topics can include anything from locally-significant traditions, messy science experiments, martial arts, music, geography, art, and more. Click on your state for more information:

We understand that a drop-off program is not the right fit for all families. Students may choose to receive two subscription boxes per month as an alternative to Venture School.

We offer two free field trips per year for our enrolled students, their siblings, and two adults to attend. We offer multiple community service opportunities each year.

Every student that enrolls in Venture Upward will receive a Venture Reward! This reward is designed to provide funding for families to purchase a laptop, tablet, or additional learning materials meant to enrich their student’s educational experience.

Teachers in our program do amazing things!  They continually find new ways to connect with students, fostering a supportive and inclusive community. Despite the distance, they maintain a personal touch, making sure each student feels seen and heard. Families utilize the teachers in different ways that are tailored to their family. They offer great support in their office hours and through the Student Success Team (SST) process. The SST program allows us to begin research-based interventions at the very first sign of struggle or concern, without delay. You can read one of our student success stories here. We can also help coordinate additional support with our partner school’s SPED program, as needed. Teachers truly are the backbone of the success in our program.