Arizona High School

Our Program Empowers Families
We’re here to empower students and families by providing the tools and support to succeed in home-based education. Our program includes:

  • Access to curriculum
  • College admission test preparation
  • Teacher support
  • Connection with a community of parents and students in the program working right alongside you
  • An accredited high school diploma through AZDL

Tuition Free

By partnering with public schools, we are able to offer these services tuition free.

High school students utilize High School Suite, a fully accredited curriculum powered by BYU, to complete their four core subjects of language arts, math, science, and social studies. In addition, students fulfill elective requirements through the course offerings listed above or in eDynamic. All high school students will receive unlimited access to eDynamic’s extensive elective and CTE (career and technical) course offerings.

High School Suite
High School Suite teaches concepts in primarily a reading-to-learn format. A mix of writing projects and multiple choice assessments are used to test knowledge. These engaging text based lessons help students develop critical thinking skills while mastering concepts.

Every high school student that enrolls in Venture Upward will receive a $1,200 Venture Reward! This reward funds a portion of the chosen curriculum and provides funding for families to purchase a laptop, tablet, or additional learning materials meant to enrich their student’s educational experience.

As part of the Venture Upward program, all high school students will receive access to college admissions test preparation materials. This is optional, but we advise college-bound students to take advantage of the offering.

We offer two free field trips per year for our enrolled students, their siblings, and two adults to attend. We offer multiple community service opportunities each year.

Each family is matched with a dedicated teacher who acts as a guide for parents and students throughout the year. They provide support in everything from selecting curriculum at the beginning of the year to answering questions, and even offering tutoring, as needed. All of our high school students are also matched with a supporting teacher who can help with subject-specific questions and needs.

The Venture Upward program honors each individual student’s unique learning experience, but we also believe in building community among our students. We offer an online Facebook community for parents to make connections, ask questions, and have fun. We offer in-person field trip and community service events for students to make connections with others in the program. We encourage families to connect and build relationships.

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