Wyoming Venture School

We often hear that Venture School is a student’s favorite part of Venture Upward!

Venture School is a weekly in-person extracurricular co-op program where students engage with peers and instructors in a classroom setting and participate in local monthly educational adVENTURE days. Venture School classes can include but are not limited to locally-significant traditions, messy science experiments, art, cooking, music, Spanish, money management, geography, engagement with community workers, and more. Parents may drop their students off or stay and become involved.

Monthly adVENTURE Days:
Venture School in Wyoming offers adVENTURE DAYS, a unique monthly field trip opportunity for students and parents to participate together. These unique experiences are integrated into the Venture School schedule to provide families with a chance to share meaningful experiences and build a strong sense of community.

Subscription Box Alternative:
We understand that Venture School may not be the right fit for all families. As an alternative to Venture School, students may choose to receive two subscription boxes per month. There are over a dozen boxes to choose from that captivate a range of unique interests including: art, music, sampling foods from around the world, cooking, STEM, world history, US history, science, geography, coding, and more.

Kids learning outdoor, science.