Frequently Asked Questions

Venture Upward partners with public schools to provide all of our services tuition-free.

  • All Students: Weekly progress as outlined in the pacing guide for each of the four core courses of language arts, math, science, and social studies.
  • Grades K- 3: Weekly progress in Reading Eggs
  • Weekly attendance and participation in Venture School or alternate subscription box option
  • Required standardized testing
  • Specific attendance requirements vary by state

Please select your state to learn more about the curriculum and resources we offer in your local area:

Grades are determined by a combination of effort and achievement.

Venture Reward funding is allocated to each student so that families can select materials that support their current academic courses. These materials can include things like a computer, printer, tablet, paper, pens, art supplies, science kits, books, etc. To learn more about how Venture Rewards work and what they can include, select your state: 

Note: funds cannot be used to purchase religious materials, although students may choose to purchase religious curriculum on their own to use as a supplement to their Venture Upward courses.

To utilize funds, families place orders in our online Basecamp. Each order is then reviewed both by our staff and our partner school’s staff to ensure it is allowable. Once approved, our ordering team places the order and it is shipped right to a student’s door.

Please be aware that in Minnesota, all items are owned by the district.

If parents notice the need for further support in a subject, they may request a Student Success Team (SST) support at any time. The SST program allows us to begin research-based interventions at the very first sign of struggle or concern, without delay. We are very proud of the success of this program. You can read one of our student success stories here. We can also help coordinate additional support with our partner school’s SPED program, as needed.