Frequently Asked Questions

At Venture Upward, we provide a choice between two curriculum tracks, the Core Comprehensive Track and the Venturing Ahead Track. Students may choose to utilize both tracks for different subjects. Families will have access to their chosen Venture curriculum within one week of placing their order. Venture’s Course Offerings.

The first track is our Core Comprehensive Track which consists of online courses that do not need to be supplemented with any additional homeschool curriculum. We monitor progress and academic scores online. Students can expect to spend an average of 45 minutes to one hour on each subject per day.

The second track is called Venturing Ahead. This path allows you to use a curriculum that you’ve already identified as excellent for your students while utilizing IXL or Spectrum/DK workbooks to show progress and mastery of skills. You can learn more about our curriculum options here. Students can expect to spend approximately half an hour per subject per week.

  • Grades K- 3: Weekly progress
  • Reading Eggs (20 minutes per week)
  • All Students: Weekly progress as outlined in the pacing guide for each course (Math, Social Studies, Science and Language Arts/Writing
  • Weekly attendance and participation in Venture School or alternate subscription box option
  • Required standardized testing
  • Specific attendance requirements vary by state

Grades are calculated using a formula that may include attendance/progress, daily learning activities, quiz scores, test scores, parent feedback, and student self-assessment.

Venture Rewards are allotted funds given to every Venture Upward student. Venture Rewards must be used to support the current academic courses your child is taking in your home. Funds cannot be used on religious materials, although students may choose to use religious curriculum as their core curriculum in the Venturing Ahead track. Once your order is placed using your Venture Reward, you can expect your items to start arriving within two weeks. Please check your state’s program page to see state-specific details on items that may be purchased as well as the stipend amounts. Please click here for more details on Venture Reward.

You will be assigned a mentor upon enrollment, and you will have the same mentor year after year. Their primary goal is to support your family’s learning journey. Your mentor is available to you every week via office hours and will also be in contact with you weekly. Mentors can help with curriculum suggestions, intervention implementation, special education concerns, curriculum navigation, and general mentoring regarding all things home education!

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