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Meet Aaden Pollio

Aaden Pollio is a young man who has robust aspirations and is well on his way to following the dreams he has for his future. Ever since he was a little boy, Aaden has loved learning how to work with wood. His father, Dan, has greatly influenced his life by teaching Aaden how to woodwork from an early age. Now, as a tenth grader, this ambitious teenager is fuelled by the desire to transform his passion into a sustainable business venture. He is well on his way to success. His business focuses on wood products that feature unique lasered designs, custom decorations, and even some furniture pieces. Right now, Aaden mainly sells his work at craft fairs, but he has plans to set up an Etsy shop. He is learning all about supply and demand and is having fun figuring out what will sell! 

Last year, Aaden attended the local public school. He and his family quickly realized that due to living out in the country in Kingston, MN, they were spending a great deal of time driving to and from school. With Aaden’s other interests of snowboarding and baseball, driving was taking up so much of the time Aaden would have liked to spend on his woodworking projects. Aaden’s family heard about the VIBE program through their local community and decided to give it a try. He is glad they did. High School Suites has been a great fit for Aaden’s learning style, and he is confident that it will give him the tools he needs to be successful in college later on. His teachers have been there for him as well with any questions that have come up.

Aaden has three younger siblings, Eli, Sophia, and Hudson. The whole family, including his parents Dan and Sarah, enjoys attending Venture School field trips together. Aaden is also looking forward to taking advantage of the High School field trip allotment that Venture Upward provides. Now he can fit more time with friends and activities into his schedule!

Looking ahead to college, Aaden plans on going to school for business management and entrepreneurship. He hopes to be able to sell furniture and household accessories as well as keep up with the small crafts for those interested. Through the flexibility of home education that VIBE and Venture Upward provide, Aaden’s journey is paved to allow his dreams to become a reality with each meticulously crafted piece of wood.

“Venture Upward is a ‘beautiful hybrid’ of both homeschool and public school.”

~Aaden Pollio