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Meet the Studniski Family

In the town of Foley, Minnesota, Sara Studniski and her son, Jeremy, a vibrant fifth-grader, have taken off on an educational journey with Venture Upward, marking a significant turnaround from their previous experiences.

Before discovering Venture Upward, Jeremy faced considerable challenges in a traditional brick-and-mortar school setting, notably being bullied and not receiving the necessary accommodations to be allowed to learn. Sara, deeply concerned, had contemplated homeschooling for years but hesitated due to worries about handling documentation and the financial implications of purchasing curricula. The turning point came when Sara shared her predicament on social media, leading to a connection with a former coworker whose family is home-educating with Venture Upward. This encounter opened the door to a new world of educational opportunities, perfectly aligning with their family’s needs.

Venture Upward has introduced Jeremy to a flexible learning environment that allows him to begin to explore the love of learning. He loves science and anything that has to do with animals. The program’s structure allows for a more relaxed daily schedule, eliminating the exhaustion of a traditional seven-hour school day. Moreover, Venture Upward’s inclusive approach to extracurricular activities, offering field trips without additional fees, has enriched Jeremy’s educational experience, promoting socialization and the exploration of new skills.

Sara reflects on their journey with gratitude, especially appreciating the guidance from their Teacher of Record (TOR), Debb Sundblad, whose support and responsiveness have been invaluable. Sara’s proactive approach, planning a week ahead and familiarizing herself with the materials and assessments, has greatly contributed to a smooth and effective learning process for Jeremy.

In his free time, Jeremy is passionate about Minecraft, both the Lego sets and the computer game. His artistic talent and creativity are evident in all he does. Both Sara and Jeremy enjoy bike rides, watching movies, and playing card and board games together.

Completing the Studniski family are their three beloved cats: Kiki, Jellybean, and Baby Jack, who bring joy and companionship to their home.

“I’m just so happy that we found this program, and it works! I had no idea something like this even existed. This is perfect,” Sara beams, her words echoing the sentiments of countless families who have found their community within Venture Upward.

“I’m just so happy that we found this program, and it works! I had no idea something like this even existed. This is perfect.”

~Sara Studniski