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Meet the Johnson Family

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought about significant changes for families around the world, including the challenging decision to begin the homeschooling journey. For Jennifer and her family (husband, Nicholas, Nathan, 2nd, and Isaiah, 3rd), this decision was influenced by the pandemic and a crucial diagnosis that shifted their perspective on education. This is the story of how the Johnson’s decision to home-educate became a success story for their family.

The Johson family’s search for the best possible education for Isaiah, who was diagnosed with Autism, led them to explore various online schools. Amidst this search, a timely encounter with a raving mother’s testimonial about the Venture Upward program caught their attention. As they explored the details, Venture Upward resonated with them more and more, prompting a decision to un-enroll from their current distance learning program and enroll with Sequoia, one of Venture’s partner schools.

Upon enrollment, the Johnsons were introduced to Ms. Eyong, their TOR. She has proved to be “amazing” and an exceptional guide, offering detailed explanations of the curriculum. Jennifer recalls that they were also pleasantly surprised that Venture provides more educational curricula and materials than what her family was previously provided. Isaiah and Nathan enjoy engaging subscription boxes, such as Universal Yums, Annie’s Woodworking, and Steven Spangler Science, creating an environment that fuels their enthusiasm for learning. Her boys have also benefited from Venture’s Student Success Team (SST). Jennifer was excited to report that they have seen growth academically, especially in reading. She asserts, “The SST team has met my expectations as a support team. They have cared for my children’s future as I have. Seeing them as people and being able to provide support and being able to talk about opportunities such as tutoring has really helped my kids flourish.”

Home education has also provided the Johnsons with flexibility. They are able to have more precious family time and are involved in extracurricular activities such as the opportunity to join a choir, and visit the zoo, parks, and museums!

What truly stands out for Jennifer is the staff at Venture Upward. She says, “The thing I really love most is the compassion and the understanding staff who want nothing more than to help my kids succeed.” The Johnson family is certainly succeeding and loving the journey!

“The thing I really love most is the compassion and
the understanding
staff who want nothing
more than to help my kids succeed.”

~Jennifer Johnson