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Meet the Cory Family

Jason and Amanda Cory have four children: Logan, 16, Kaylee,13, Brynlee, 11, and Jaycee 8. They live in the great state of Wyoming. Their family is busy! Amanda shared, “Our family loves so many things. The kids are involved in many things including swimming, archery, piano, choir, basketball, and cross-country running.”

Their schooling journey has primarily consisted of in-person public school. When their oldest was in 5th grade, they decided to homeschool him for a semester due to some struggles, and Amanda recalls that it went well. They did end up going back to public school after that one semester, but during covid restrictions, school became harder to navigate in an in-person setting. Amanda remembered her semester of homeschooling and decided to do it again for a year. “I was confident I could try it again. It was a great year for us.” However, even though it was a great year, they still grappled with some issues. Amanda remarked, “I was worried and overwhelmed with trying to teach every kid every subject and hoping I was doing enough.” Then just last year, they heard about SPUR Academy’s partnership with Venture Upward. Through this partnership, they could home-educate and have the accountability and support they were wanting. Amanda and Jason decided that this would be a great fit for their family. “We could have the flexibility but also assistance with choosing curriculum and having a teacher to help as needed; we are loving it!” 

Thanks to home education, the Cory family has been able to spend more time with each other. 

Jason works 11-hour shifts and many weekends, but he has days off during the week. Now with the kids schooling at home, Jason gets to be involved, teaching some lessons and assisting with the tricky math problems! 

They also enjoy that they can choose curricula that work for their family and that they enjoy. Logan enjoys history, Kaylee loves writing and art, Brynlee loves math and science, and Jaycee enjoys anything with animals. The Cory family also likes to have “read-a-thons” where they each choose a book, have a treat, lounge around, and read books together. 

Amanda joyfully shared, “They aren’t stressed and worried about going to school. They look forward to Mondays instead of dreading them.” Making the decision to home-educate has been a rewarding decision for the Cory family.

“I love how happy and at peace my kids have become.”

~Amanda Cory