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These courses give parents and students the ability to choose educational materials that best meet the learning style of the students while giving the parent the freedom to utilize resources that are consistent with their educational philosophy. These courses require online (IXL or Studies Weekly) and/or workbook-based coursework to be completed each week to show progress.


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Courseware™ uses direct-instruction videos featuring expert, on-screen teachers with rigorous assignments, performance tasks, and assessments to engage students and ensure subject-area mastery.


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Language Arts

English Language Arts 6

English Language Arts 7

English Language Arts 8

Literacy & Comprehension I*

Literacy & Comprehension II*

Expository Reading and Writing

Introduction to Communications and Speech*

Classic Novels & Author Studies*

IDEA Writing*


Mathematics 6

Mathematics 7

Mathematics 8


Algebra I



Integrated Mathematics I

Integrated Mathematics II

Integrated Mathematics III

Mathematical Models with Applications

Financial Math


Concepts in Probability and Statistics


Life Science

Earth Science

Physical Science




Environmental Science

Social Studies

Middle School World History

Middle School U.S. History

Middle School Civics, Government & Economics

Middle School World Cultures & Geography

Survey of World History

Modern World History

U.S. History I

U.S. History II

Survey of U.S. History

U.S. Government*

Economics (semester)*

Economics (full year)

Human Geography

K12® programs provide a high-quality, rigorous personalized education experience. Learning includes a combination of online lessons, interactive activities, virtual classroom sessions and off-line independent activities. Students can interact with teachers and classmates online or by phone, and receive guidance from a Learning Coach to ensure they are making progress. Students are expected to complete schoolwork each day and participate in virtual classroom sessions.


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Language Arts

Elementary Grades (K-5)

Language Arts Blue (K) Summit

Language Arts Green (1) Summit

Language Arts Orange (2) Summit

English Language Arts 3 Summit

English Language Arts 4 Summit

English Language Arts 5 Summit

Middle School (6-8)

Eng06 Summit Language Arts 6

Eng07 Summit Language Arts 7

Eng08 Summit Language Arts 8


Elementary Grades (K-5)

Math+ Blue (K) Summit

Math+ Green (1) Summit

Math+ Orange (2) Summit

Math 3 Summit

Math 4 Summit

Math 5 Summit

Middle School (6-8)

MTH06 Summit Math 6

MS Pre-Algebra

MTH07 Summit Math 7

MTH08 Summit Math 8


Elementary Grades (K-5)

Science K Summit

Science 1 Summit

Science 2 Summit

Science 3 Summit

Science 4 Summit

Science 5 Summit

Middle School (6-8)

SCI06 Summit Earth Science

SCI07 Summit Life Science

SCI08 Summit Physical Science


Elementary Grades (K-5)

History K Summit

History 1 Summit

History 2 Summit

History 3 Summit

History 4 Summit

Early American History Summit

Middle School (6-8)

HST05 Summit American History Before 1865

HST06 Summit American History Since 1865

HST07 Summit World History I

HST08 Summit World History II

World Languages

Elementary Grades (K-5)

Beginning Spanish I

Beginning Spanish II

Intermediate Spanish I

Intermediate Spanish II

Beginning French I

Intermediate French I

Intermediate French II

Beginning Chinese I

Intermediate Chinese I

Intermediate German I

Middle School (6-8)

WLG MS Spanish I

WLG MS Spanish II

WLG MS French I

WLG MS French II

WLG MS Chinese I

WLG MS Chinese II

WLG MS German I

WLG MS German II

WLG MS Latin I



Elementary Grades (K-5)

Art K Summit

Art 1 Summit

Art 2 Summit

Art 3 Summit

Art 4 Summit

Early American Art Summit

Middle School (6-8)

ART05 Summit Intermediate American Art I

ART06 Summit Intermediate American Art II

ART07 Summit Intermediate World Art I

ART08 Summit Intermediate World Art II


Elementary Grades (K-5)

Spotlight On Music, Grades K-2

Spotlight On Music, Grades 3-5

Middle School (6-8)

MUS06 Spotlight On Music, Grade 6

MUS07 Spotlight On Music, Grade 7

MUS08 Spotlight On Music, Grade 8

BYUIS provides middle school courses in core subjects and limited electives from a world-renowned university. Courses are offered in various delivery methods including paper, online or teacher-led. BYU is accredited as an institution by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). BYU Independent Study’s High School program is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), a division of AdvancED. BYU-IS courses are one semester courses. You must take both the A and B sections of the course over the entire school year.


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Language Arts

7th grade English 1  (online)  (paper)

7th grade English 2  (online)  (paper)

8th grade English 1  (online)  (paper)

8th grade English 2  (online)  (paper)

Reading Comprehension 1  (online)  (paper)

Reading Comprehension 2  (online)

Understanding Literature  (paper)


Pre-Algebra 1  (online)  (paper)

Pre-Algebra 2  (paper)

7th grade Math 1  (online)  (paper)

7th grade Math 2  (online)  (paper)

8th grade Math 1  (online)

8th grade Math 2  (online)


7th grade Science 1  (online)  (paper)

7th grade Science 2  (online)  (paper)

8th grade Science 1  (online)  (paper)

8th grade Science 2  (online)  (paper)


Survey of World History 1  (online)  (paper)

Survey of World History 2  (online)  (paper)

US History 1  (online)  (paper)

US History 2  (online)  (paper)

US History 3  (online)  (paper)

US History 4  (online)  (paper)

World Languages

Latin 1  (online)

Latin 2  (online)

Spanish 1  (teacher led)

Spanish 2  (teacher led)

General Electives

Art  (paper)

Health  (online)  (paper)


All courses are one semester only

Mathseeds teaches kids aged 3-9 the core math and problem solving skills needed to be successful at school with fun, highly interactive and rewarding lessons.


Mathseeds combines highly structured lessons with fun motivational elements that keep children engaged and keen to learn.


Mathseeds has been created by a highly experienced team of teachers, educational writers, animators and web developers, the same team that created Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress. The program teaches early mathematical skills in highly structured lessons, and encourages children to learn because it’s motivating and because it’s so much fun. Each child progresses through the online lessons at their own pace and is rewarded for their achievements. All lessons and activities can be repeated as often as necessary; so that children can revise and consolidate skills. Mathematical knowledge and the ability to solve problems are essential skills that all children need to be successful at school. Mathseeds makes this possible with a program that can be used anytime and anywhere there is a computer or an iPad.


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Bring the love of learning home with the most engaging online mathematics program in the world.


Mathletics has been designed to captivate and grow with students, from elementary through to secondary school.


Mathletics brings classroom practice into the home. Aligned to your local curricula, Mathletics activities are relevant, reinforce lessons learned in school, and help your children gain mastery over math topics or push ahead of what’s being taught.


Set your homeschooling math curriculum with confidence. Created by experienced educators and developed for flexibility, Mathletics makes it simple to assign your home learners activities, keep track of their progress, and provides hundreds of hours’ worth of content.


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Studies Weekly integrates printed weekly units in newspaper format with web-based multi-media resources to share stories and teach standards. This print/web combined platform creates high-level Student Engagement and facilitates Deep Learning and Critical Thinking.


Our embedded lesson plans and assessments foster Good Decision-Making skills because we know that standards inform (cognitive domain) and stories inspire (affective domain). Thus, intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence are engaged. Together, these learning experiences inspire human hearts, engage minds, and profoundly impact student well being.


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CTC Math is a comprehensive online math curriculum for our K-8 students that features video tutorials, interactive questions, printable worksheets, and weekly revision tasks. It has an ongoing diagnostic tool allowing students to move through the program at their own pace, moving on as they show competency or being given more practice when needed. Student accounts have access to all grade levels providing them the freedom to work at their own level.


CTC Math helps children gain confidence in math with their concise videos giving visual and auditory explanations and children are able to pause, fast-forward or rewind and rewatch videos as needed. When needed students are able to go back and figure out what they did wrong and try again as needed.


Website   Technical system requirements houses a vast array of topics and lessons. We are currently offering 6-8th grade Social Studies and Science through’s courses have short engaging video lessons, lesson quizzes, and chapter tests created by qualified instructors.


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Reading Eggs is an award-winning online reading program created by experienced teachers based on scientific research for ages 2-13. We utilize Reading Eggs primarily with our K-3rd grade students to support early literacy. Students are guided through lessons that feature fun games, colorful animations, and catchy songs to engage them in learning.


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Explode the Code® is a series of 14 phonics workbooks that can be used to supplement another basic language arts program. Explode the Code® is an award-winning traditional phonics reading program that uses multisensory instruction in their workbooks to increase reading comprehension and fluency through phonics. These engaging workbooks are a hit among elementary aged students!



eDynamics offers a wide variety of digital elective courses at the middle school level for our students. They offer a wide variety of unique elective and career courses including music, coding, photography, criminal justice, game design, foreign languages, and many more.


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